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What Is the UK Average Salary for 10 Different Careers?

For those who are deciding which industry to go into, knowing what the UK average salary is for that area can be beneficial. It is also insightful if you are deciding to change career path. You can work out how much potential that job can give you and also weigh up job satisfaction with your pay. If you want to have a secure future in terms of income, reading this article may give you some idea of which careers would be most financially stable.

This article will outline various different career sectors and the average pay for jobs in those sectors.

The data in this article has been taken from the Office of National Statistics on Employee Earnings in the UK. This is the statistics for 2020 and due to Coronavirus, it is thought that these statistics could be altered in the UK. However, hopefully, after economic recovery, the salary figures will stabilise and not be too badly affected.

All statistics can be found on their website and the average salaries have all been researched through this report.

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