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Scholars Debate Over Qin Shi Huang Dis Legacy

Scholars Debate Over Qin Shi Huang Dis Legacy

Submitted by • June 28, 2019

Scholars debate over Qin Shi Huang Dis legacy that he left after his reign. In the past, he had been perceived as a disillusioned, power-hungry, tyrannical man whose lust for immortality he sought brought about the creation of a massive tomb filled with thousands of clay, life-like figures that must have taken years of pure craftsmanship and manpower to create. However, in the last 50 years or so, his history has been re-analyzed into a colossus of a historical figure in Chinese history whose historical impact was equal to both Alexander the Great and Caesar combined. By ruthless force of will, he bound warring states together and knit them into a tightly centralized governmental system, standardized China’s language and law,and built major structures such as the early structure of the Great Wall of China that would be continued by later dynasties. 

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