Nepal's Ban on Indian Spices Highlights Growing Food Safety Standards

MDH and Everest spices: After Singapore and Hong Kong, now Nepal has also banned Indian spices.
Nepal's Department of Food Technology and Quality Control tested the spices of these two Indian brands.
Know why Nepal got the MDH Everest issue tested?
To check whether they contain the cancer-causing pesticide ethylene oxide? Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a flammable, radioactive gas with a mild sweet odor and is not suitable for human consumption.

Neighboring country Nepal has banned the consumption and sale of Everest and MDH spices. Their products contain chemicals harmful to health – Singapore and Hong Kong have already banned them due to such concerns. Now Nepal has imposed it, and there is news that United Kingdom is also going to do the same. UK has been doing research on these issues for a long time.
Part spokesperson Mohan Krishna Maharajan told the agency,

Import of spices of MDH and Everest masale brands has been banned. We have also banned their sale in the market. Testing of the chemicals present in these two spices is going on. The ban will remain in place until the final report comes.

MDH and Everest masale are spices used in India for decades. Even till now. And not only India, it is also exported to many countries including the Middle East.

What is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) of the Government of India doing in this matter?
He has ordered an investigation into the product quality of MDH and Everest. Besides, reports have also been sought from the food safety regulators of Hong Kong and Singapore.
According to a Reuters report, MDH and Everest spices have also come under scrutiny in New Zealand, America and Australia. Jenny Bishop, acting deputy director-general of New Zealand's food safety regulator, says,

Ethylene oxide causes cancer in humans. Its use to sterilize food has been phased out. In New Zealand and also in other countries. Since MDH and Everest spices are also sold here, we are looking into this issue.