Martial Art Training in Hyderabad – Taika Martial Arts Academy

Taika Martial Arts Academy is the brainchild of Grand Master Ashok Chakravarthi. Since its inception in the year 2013, TMAA has been instrumental in training more than 6,000 students in various forms of martial arts like Karate, kickboxing and MMA. In Addition to these sports, Taika also is imparting training in fitness for individuals from various walks of life that include men & women of various age groups and teenagers. With 100s of sports enthusiasts joining Taika every year, the academy has become a Launchpad for many future International champions in Shotokan Karate for India. All those are trained in Taika have a lot of memorable stories of successes to share with the world.

TMAA is not just a sports academy today but has become a competitive brand for transforming ordinary individuals into dedicated Sport Stars. It is needless to know, what kind of grueling and electrifying training is given to the pupils, when we learn about the fact that TMAA could qualify only 60 plus individuals as black belters since 2013. A sophisticated group of Veterans in martial arts, spearheaded by Grand Master Ashok Chakravarthi, Master Nani and Master Naresh along with other experienced trainers officiate the Training sessions in all the offered martial art forms in Taika.

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