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Li-Fi is an emerging technology similar to Wi-Fi, with a speed of 224 gigabytes per second that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi service. Furthermore, rising demand for high speed... Read More

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White oil also known as white mineral oil is a highly stable, refined, pure mineral oil. It is a mineral lubricant used as a mixed base for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.... Read More

The Innovation Management process helps an Enterprises to identify an opportunity and use it to generate and introduce new ideas, concepts, processes, or products in the market. Innovation Management processes... Read More

The Rare-Earth Metals Market was valued at US$ 4.72 Billion in 2020. The need for these materials in the fabrication of magnets and catalysts for the automobile industry is driving... Read More

Machine tool manufacturing has been driven by demand in the automotive, industrial, and transportation machinery industries. Additionally, manufacturers are focused on the digital transformation of machinery as the era changes... Read More

Crude oil is one of the most economically mature commodity markets in the world. It is an unprocessed petroleum product that forms naturally in underground pools or reservoirs and remains... Read More