Klondike: The Lost Expedition – online farming game

Embark on an exciting journey with Klondike: The Lost Expedition. Welcome to the pristine wilderness of Alaska during the gold rush era. This online farming tycoon simulator invites you to immerse yourself in the rugged Northern landscape and uncover the secrets of the lost expedition while reuniting the family of the main hero.

Your journey begins in the Blue Peaks Valley, where you’ll need to turn a deserted station into a bountiful farm. Grow and harvest crops, raise livestock, build factories, mine gold, and complete exciting quests. Enjoy fun gameplay and vast picturesque locations, amusing animals, charismatic characters, and a moving story.

Travel the world with your sled and explore numerous scenic spots. Meet friendly locals, gather resources, and unearth hidden riches. Decorate your station with decorations from the game market or by completing tasks. Express your creativity and let your friends admire your designs while they search for collection items.

Play together by meeting neighbors and establishing trade relations. Visit their territories for secret resources but be quick as other players may snatch treasures first. Hire friends to work for you and complete tasks together, and remember to send out gifts daily.

Start your expedition now and enjoy vibrant graphics, simple controls, and a captivating narrative. Join our amazing community and become the best farmer, explorer, and gold miner. Answer the call of this breathtaking adventure – play Klondike: The Lost Expedition and experience extraordinary gaming!