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Just How Good Are The Mainland Chinese Fighter Pilots?

Just How Good Are The Mainland Chinese Fighter Pilots?

Submitted by • July 2, 2020

The People’s Republic of China is now a global force to reckoned with. And up to this day it kept on evolving, hoping that one day it will gain an edge over Western Powers. It did come a long way since it unmasked itself as a communist nation under chairman Mao Zedong. And now, it is an economic and military powerhouse in Asia, though nations could agree that such great power now lacks great responsibility. It seems that being on the top turned this nation from a dragon, into a monster. The smaller nations are now feeling the pressure of China’s newly found might, when they found their territories unjustly taken.

China is always keen on flexing its muscles and maintaining a frightening face across the world. Just look at the upgrades it made in its air force. They now got a homegrown stealth fighter to begin with. But one question remains though. How qualified are their pilots to even take those fighters to the sky? How good are they, or are they more than a match to the Western Power

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