John Deere Tractor Price and Specs 2021

John Deere tractors are available in a wide price range starting from just Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs. The cheapest John Deere tractor is John Deere 3028EN which is priced at Rs 5 lakhs. The costliest tractor is John Deere 6120 B in India which costs Rs 30 lakhs. Additionally, there are costlier tractors available in the international line-up.

John Deere-A brand originally known as Deere and Company was founded by a blacksmith named John Deere who invented the ingenious steel plow which became commercially successful in the year 1837. The company was successful by manufacturing 400 steel plows per year on average. This success from John Deere laid the foundation stone for the success of the company.


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