ISO 22000 Auditor Certification

ISO 22000:2018 Auditor Certification
ISO 22000 Auditor/Lead Auditor certification requires completion of 36- hour course provided by a Certified ISO 22000 Training/Course Provider and successful demonstration of FSMS experience and auditing experience with Auditor Certifying Organization such as Exemplar Global or Individual FSMS Registrar. Jack Sekhon and Associates is ISO 22000 FSMS Training/Course Provider certified by Exemplar Global under TPECS scheme.

Getting ISO 22000 Internal Auditor Certification/Lead Auditor certification Canada or other geographical region empowers you with skillsets for ISO 22000 Management System excellence and robust company performance. You can either work as an internal auditor for your organization or as an external auditor for a Registrar. Irrespective of internal/external auditor option, ISO 22000 certified auditors earn attractive compensation for their work. In addition, they earn higher potential for promotion being instrumental to on-going growth, due-diligence and efficiencies for the organization as an ISO 22000 auditor/Lead Auditor.