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If Being an EVA Pilot Is Stressful

If Being an EVA Pilot Is Stressful

Submitted by • February 6, 2020

And now that we speak of Shinji, I love to poke-fun at his lack of resolve. He was doing well in the start of the series, but halfway until the garbled end, he just gets worse. If we will take the End of Evangelion as the true ending, Shinji Ikari is not the type of person you could consider as hero. He basically cried his way throughout the movie without even making a stand. And after being convinced that he is a waste of space, there goes the Thrid Impact and humanity was reduced to a sea of orange juice.

But just to be fair to Shinji Ikari, maybe he has a good reason to be miserable. Defending the whole world against raving abstract figures is no joke, considering that his every mission might be his last. I will try to put myself in his shoes just to see how stressful it is to go inside an EVA unit.

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