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HR Chatbots: Enhancing human resource functions

HR Chatbots: Enhancing human resource functions

Submitted by • December 27, 2020

Can you see chatbots in the future? You bet! A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate human conversations. It’s mainly used to handle customer queries and is transforming every business function rapidly. One such area that chatbots are transforming significantly is Human Resources! Since chatbots are virtual assistants, they can be used to communicate with employees via various online mediums. Employees can easily access the HR and organizational information through chatbots and this is slowly brewing into more advancements in the near future.

Chatbots contribute to employee engagement, internal communications, onboarding, talent management, and hiring. An HR chatbot does not just automate the Human Resource functions but also changes the way human resource department operates, enhancing HR functions dynamically.

To build the best chatbot in HR, we’ve got the perfect HR chatbot template for you to directly integrate on your channel! Thanks for reading!

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