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A flight itinerary is a written record that contains the specifics of a scheduled travel route. It is sometimes referred to as a flight reservation or booking confirmation. Typically, it contains details like:
Traveling passengers' names and any other pertinent personal information are included in the passenger details.
Flight details contain the airline(s) and/or flight number(s) that the passenger(s) will be traveling with, as well as the airport(s) of departure and arrival, dates, and times of departure and arrival.

Reservation code or itinerary number: A special number linked to the reservation that can be used to access or change it.
Seat Assignments: The flight schedule may list the seat(s) allotted to each passenger, if applicable.
Booking Confirmation Number: A reference number that the airline or travel company provides to validate the reservation .Flight itineraries are frequently used for a number of reasons, such as planning trips, applying for visas, and providing documentation of travel plans as needed by airlines or immigration officials. A schedule of flights is frequently required for visa applications as evidence of future travel arrangements. In these situations, visitors can typically avoid buying a real ticket by obtaining a temporary flight itinerary or reservation from a travel agency expressly for the purpose of applying for a visa .A flight itinerary is a confirmation of the desire to go; nevertheless, it differs from a ticket in that it does not guarantee a seat on the aircraft. A ticket is a paid reservation that verifies a traveler's spot on a particular aircraft .Purchase a flight schedule from https://www.onlinedummyticket.com/ for about INR350 or $5 right now.