Eicher Tractors Price and Specifications

The Eicher brand of tractors is one of the oldest names in the industry. All Eicher tractors sport the all-new and refreshing Eicher ‘E’ symbol. This has made Eicher a household name in India, and a respected mark of trust in various export markets.

Eicher Tractors are available in range 24 HP to 60 HP. These engines are robust, low maintenance, low price, fuel-efficient and contribute to the revenue of farmers and other commercial operators. In a short span of time, the brand has earned the trust of many customers and is one of the most preferred brand names in the range.

All Eicher engines in this segment are air-cooled and can run for long durations at high ambient temperatures, thereby increasing the productivity and profits of the customer. Eicher Tractor Engines do not need a coolant and are almost completely maintenance-free since there is no radiator, water pump, or thermostat valve, avoiding the common issues of leakages and radiator choking.

Source: https://tractorguru.in/eicher-tractors

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