Common Excavation Safety Hazards

In the field of construction, trenching and excavation are some of the more common things you can expect during a project. Trenching involves creating a long, narrow excavation, while excavation simply means to make a big hole in the ground. Despite how high-risk and laborious the task of trenching and excavation is, it comes with many invaluable purposes.

Good excavation work will reassure builders that a building’s foundation is solid and reliable. Trenching is a way of making or repairing pipelines, electrical or water pathways, and more. Plus, today’s earthmoving contractors use equipment that are of the highest quality possible, which allows for quality workmanship.

With professionals on the job who are well-trained in keeping common excavation safety hazards at bay, projects will definitely hit their marks. If you are wondering what these common excavation safety hazards are, read on.

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