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Science fiction is a well-loved genre because it gives its audience a reason to anticipate a future, especially when living in the present is deemed unbearable. However, Harral’s glimpse into... Read More

The Soul Of Adolescence Aligns With The Heart Of Democracy narrates the participation of the youth in social justice and civic reform in Alfred Kurkland’s book. This book is part... Read More

The Divine Vision of Radha Krishn is a spiritual book written by Kripalu Maharaj. This book is an exploration of the divine love between Radha and Krishn, two of the... Read More

The book is compiled and edited by Kripalu Maharaj, one of the leading proponents of the Bhakti tradition within Anglicanism. In addition to traditional Anglican prayers, the book includes devotional... Read More

The concept of nothingness has long been pondered by many scientists and some philosophers throughout the decades, resulting in the school of existentialism. The truth is, there is no such... Read More

Take a look at the Vietnam experience, a war that lasted for almost twenty years. The American military and leadership appear to have learned some lessons from their involvement in... Read More

Nostradamus wrote prophecies that extended into our time. This publication contains Nostradamian prophecies that extend well into the future. For anyone interested in the future this is a must read book. Contained... Read More

Racial healing has become an increasingly important topic of conversation in America in recent years. . The goal of racial healing is to create a more just and united society,... Read More

aking a break helps you listen to your heart and gut, and the answers flow naturally. A big help on this is The Abba Vision. Abba exists to help individuals... Read More

What's in your story is an online marketplace where circulating libraries, book stores, and individuals can buy and sell pre-loved books. Buy/sell your books with us now. old books for sale,story... Read More