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EduGorilla Publication is a leading academic publication based in Lucknow. Our well researched preparation books provide applicants a 16X chance of being selected by using their preparation to ace their... Read More

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The book printing style takes an important role in custom bible story book. With different printing style, the book effect is different. It willdirectly affect the reading experience of readers.... Read More

Are you looking for cooking healthy cookbooks? ‘A Balanced Life’ and ‘Good Life Great Food’ are two of the most popular ones you should read. Judy Phillips writes these books.... Read More

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Dreams will come true if you will write them in a beloved book. A simple but special journal will cherish all your little secrets, dreams, thoughts. Maybe you will use... Read More

Jamie Pulos-Fry's book Widow’s Cry is a book for widow ministries. It is a book that helps people to understand what widows need, to encourage them when we... Read More

Going … Going … is a journal of a couple’s fifteen-year journey along the trail of Alzheimer’s. Every excursion into the unknown of this disease is unique, and author Jack... Read More

Mr Divyang Acharya, is a founder of New Tech Life Care Ltd and Astro Chakra Science. He is one of the most knowledgeable consultant and an expert in Jyotish Shastra,... Read More