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The book describes the events and shows how unselfish and brave the unit responded to overcome enemy advances. It also shows the difficulties of decision-making under fire. The pressures of... Read More

The CRKT William Pen I uses Schmidt 4889 Mega Line refill is the same as the Fisher Space Pen and it is gas filled or pressurized so the... Read More

This memoir connects my birthplace, life, work, education, and travels to more than a dozen African countries on the continent; places in South America and states in the South, Mid-... Read More

Easter is a widely recognized Christian festivity celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Stories found in the New Testament of the Bible recorded the resurrection to have taken place three... Read More

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Humans have turned against each other through intellectual, social, and ethnic prejudices. It is easy to feel alone in this world when you are aware of the judging eyes everywhere... Read More

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