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Best Indoor Air Testing Lab in Hyderabad

Best Indoor Air Testing Lab in Hyderabad

Submitted by • February 26, 2020

Indoor Air Quality Testing
Pragathi labs offers Indoor Air Quality Testing that helps you to identify the concerns associated with mold, radon, CO, CO2, VOCs, particulars, relative humidity, filtration, outdoor ventilation, bacteria, and thermal conditioning.

Air movement
Relative Humidity
Ventilation (Fresh Air)
Ventilation (CO2)
Particle concentration in cleaned HVAC system
Air borne Particles
Carbon monoxide
Air borne contaminants such as CO, NOx, Volatile Organic Compounds
Particles particularly less than 4 microns (Respirable)
Biological, Bacteria, Viruses, and plants such as fungi, mold and pollen.
Indoor Air Quality – Ultrafine particle tracking

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