AI Infrastructure Market for Enterprises in APAC is Estimated to Grow at Highest CAGR by 2025

High technological developments across various data centers of enterprises have generated and stored large volumes of data. Complexities within the IT infrastructure encourage these data centers to adopt virtualization technology, thereby driving the growth of enterprise data centers. Also, the utilization of advanced big data solutions for operational data explosion is impacting the future requirements for AI-based servers. Enterprises include automotive, banking & finance, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, media and entertainment organizations, etc. The exponential growth of retail and e-commerce data has created the growing need for powerful data centers where a massive number of servers connected through data center networks can work together to provide online services. The adoption of new technologies in healthcare creates new requirements for the IT network to manage a large volume of patient data, and organizations must ensure that their IT systems can deal with the data traffic issue and meet the performance requirements. All these needs are likely to result in the increasing number of data centers.

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