26,000 trips annually and counting-DRT services bring public transport to Rural parts of the country

Growth in Public transit and its use has been rapid. The transit agencies have grown in numbers but the answers for improving transit services are still changing. This is a story of a government agency that dedicated its services to the people of Dade County.

Dade county transit is a countywide transit system that provides Rural public transportation to all the people in the area. For the people who are physically disabled, Rural demand response provides service throughout the service area of Dade County, GA.
Services to Healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and residences comprise many of the top origins and destinations, indicating Dade County Transit is providing valuable transportation service for the community.
Their number over the years explains their story of success. Since its inception, the agency has nearly doubled its growth. Their number of trips scheduled has increased by 2% within 10 years and it now carries over 26,508 trips annually.
Their reports from the previous years showed that “Operating the services on a daily basis increased their operational cost”. From $176,000 to $228,000 they have increased it by 28% in 10 years.
The transit provider used the QRyde platform provided by HBSS to gather trip data. HBSS is presenting the industry's first totally integrated transportation management system, in which all modules share a database and are ready to use. This method reduced the amount of cost incurred and training time.
Their vision is to “provide safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable transportation” for residents of Dade County. Hence Dade County is very much towards providing improved services with innovation to simplify the needs of county people.

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