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10 Facts on Environmental Science for a Definition Essay

10 Facts on Environmental Science for a Definition Essay

Submitted by • January 22, 2020

Although studies related to ecology do not strictly come under the discipline of environmental science, it’s still often studied in detail under the same umbrella.
Ecologists study the interactions between various kinds of organisms and how it all affects the environment. Ecological training and research that generally focus on environmental issues directly impacting a certain organism they are studying. An environmental scientist has the option of including organism based research in their field, like some do while others don’t. The reason some don’t is because they like to focus on environmental problems of a physical nature.
Like acid depositions which are produced by emissions and are a trait of the atmosphere around them; this observation is collected without considering the impact on organisms.
The environment is a very complex field of study which comprises of different sub-fields such as natural, cultural and constructed environments. The study itself is an amalgamation of othe

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